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Greetings πŸ™‚

My name is Tracy Wright. I live on the beautiful South Coast of Dorset. I am a mixed media artist and love nothing more than being creative.

I have a passion for fibre art and have come up with many unique pieces of wearable art that reflects my love for it. I am probably most renowned for being the flower lady πŸ™‚ as i make these beautiful fabric flowers that you can see on my page. They are all pretty much unique as i tend not to repeat a design unless specifically asked to. I am well known on the festival circuit as the lady with the flowers ha and at work as the lady with the flower in her hair hehe. They are perfect as gifts as i have specifically put them on recycled card and added my own creative touch with the beautiful hand made batik paper which a friend brings back from Thailand for me.

The hair garlands are all hand made too, taking 3 hours to make using ribbons, yarn, fabric, sari silk and anything else with a good texture. They are twisted together and tied and large shambala beads are added periodically. Then they are embellished with butterflies, flowers of satin, organza or paper and any other interesting embellishments I can find. The final touch are real swarovski crystals which give the most beatiful sparkle and make them that little bit extra special. I have been fortunate enough to have several musicians wear and show them off for me at festivals, where all my work seems to sell. Β Also sold lots of them at mind, body, spirit events. They are also extremely popular at Linda Ravenscrofts shop (The Mystic Garden in Glastonbury) she is the most wonderfully talented fantasy artist who has travelled the world with her lovely works of art (please visit her shop) to see her and if you wish to see my work in person. I almost forgot to mention they can be worn as necklaces too and look awesome πŸ™‚

The fabric cuff bracelets are very popular and my favourite to make. Made using different layers of materials, sari silks, material offcuts, chiffons, lace and Indian trims, anything that has a lovely texture and colour. I then embellish them as above and finish with the same real swarovski crystals. The cuffs have an elastic band fastening with a variety club brooch for a fastening, which can be adjusted (moved) to make the cuff smaller or slightly larger. They are so beautiful when seen in person.

The fairy bags I just love, they are beautifully made just like the other items and equally full of colour and texture. They can be adjusted to fit around the waist for a handsfree effect at those busy festivals πŸ™‚ which is why I made them in the first place πŸ™‚ the same is for the mobile phone cases (they are a smaller version of the bags) with a strap on the side which can be tucked inside if not needed. These are made to measure as most mobile phones differ in sizes now.

I have also made some lovely one off belts in the past and am just about to embark on making some for tribal belly dancers.

Guitar straps are another area I am going to break into using the same techniques (as I noticed when I’m at festivals) the lady musicians have boring straps and it came to me that I could make some really nice ones. Watch this space for more on this.

The square pendants are my own miniature works of art sealed with Diamond glaze which hardens to a glass look finish. A lot of them have a tree of life, as I love them, or hearts and some are abstract designs. They are mounted either on sari silk or suede.

I cannot take all the credit for my beautiful work though, as i am guided by angels, spirit guides, masters while i work. They are always around me and help me with the spiritual nature of what i accomplish. I take much inspiration from nature and mother earth. We have such an amazing beautiful world. My mission is to spread love, light, kindness, compassion, peace, to all in this world and i believe i can partly achieve this through the beauty of my work with angelic guidance.

Thank you for visiting my site.

Namaste xx