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Fabric necklaces at Funkycrafts Beaminster Dorset

Welcome to my crafts. These are a batch of my handmade fabric necklaces that are also extremely popular worn as hair garlands. They are a great seller in The Mystic Garden shop in Glastonbury and at the mind, body, soul spiritual fairs up North. They are made with fabric, ribbon, funky yarns and embellished with […]

Fairy hair garlands funkycrafts beaminster dorset

These are some of my latest fairy hair garland designs ready for The Mystic Garden shop in Glastonbury. I am also in the process of making another batch for my lovely friend Debbie Roe who has an amazing stall at many of the mind, body, soul spiritual fairs up in the Northern territory.


Still up for grabs, need an email from someone who likes it 🙂 I am giving away this free fabric flower to the first person who contacts me 🙂 sends me an email via my site funkycrafts. I am not doing this for any other reason than to share something nice and do something nice […]


Lots more colours and hair garlands available to buy. Just message me with any specific colour requirements and i will endevour to make you a bespoke handmade garland. The beauty of these is they can also be used as necklaces too in case you don’t want to wear them on your head 🙂 Any queries […]


These are my recycled fabric sphere necklaces. They are made from old scarves that have either been given to me or my own old scarves i no longer needed. I cut them up into long pieces, sew them on my machine, then place polystyrene balls (also leftover from old projects) into the length of material, […]


I am very shortly going to be turning these gorgeous flower necklaces into even more gorgeous flower headbands which are totally in fashion at the moment (so im told by the younger generation) and having done a little research on the internet have they indeed are 🙂 I will be adapting them slightly by adding […]

Handmade fabric brooch at Funkycrafts Beaminster Dorset.

Handmade fabric brooches made using scraps of fabric, ribbon, fancy yarn, lace and any other interesting fibres left over from other projects.  They are 2″ square and look great on bags, scarves, coats, hats, almost anything you wish to add a bit of shabby chicness to. They are £5.00 each and well worth it as […]


A few mmore of my fabric brooches, recycled from fabric scraps, yarns, ribbon. Made exactly the same way as the fairy cuffs. They have a standard brooch back so will look good on clothes, scarves, bags and anything else you can think of. They are displayed on card with ribbon and put in a protective […]


Welcome to my site Funkycrafts for fabulous fairy accessories. I specialise in fairy cuff bracelets, garlands for hair which can also be used as necklaces, fabric fairy brooches, fabric flowers and flower necklaces and belts. All are complete one off designs so very unique, no two will ever be the same, the only exception being […]


I would like to introduce you to some new fabric fairy cuff bracelets. I decided that perhaps not everyone would actually like the thicker cuffs and that it would be nice to have some thinner, straighter cuffs. Made in exactly the same way, all handmade and embellished, just much narrower. Im really pleased with the […]