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bridesmaid hair garlands at funkycrafts

New to Funkycrafts are these lovely handmade bridesmaid hair garlands. They are made using a hard traditional style headband or on a softer elastic. They are made with paper roses, lovely sparkly silver beads with crystals all around the centre, finished off with little satin roses and real swarovski crystals for that extra special sparkle.  […]

Bridesmaid flower hair garland headband at funkycrafts

                            Just a few more completed bridesmaid flower hair garland headbands. Equally suitable for fairies, goddesses, ladies who like to be different 🙂 More to follow and available in lots more colours. They really DO sparkle beautifully when they catch the light. […]

fabric fairy cuff bracelets at funkycrafts

                Another batch of handmade fabric fairy cuff bracelets available soon from Linda Ravenscrofts shop in Glastonbury, The Mystic Garden on Glastonbury high street. These are all handmade and bespoke one off items. I rarely make two the same unless requested to do so as special commission.   […]

fabric fairy cuff bracelets at funkycrafts

                            These are some of the fabric fairy cuff bracelets made especially for the Glastonbury goddess festival. They will be available to buy from the lovely Linda Ravenscrofts shop on Glastonbury high street, The Mystic Garden in a few weeks time. If […]

fairy hair garlands at funkycrafts

        The time is soon upon us for the Glastonbury Goddess Festival and so thought i would make some fairy come goddess hair garlands for the occassion. Every year these beautiful goddesses have a colour theme and this year it is purple, dark blue, silver and black. They will be available to […]

bridesmaid headbands at Funkycrafts

      These are a few examples of the bridesmaid flower headbands i have been working on. They are made using paper roses and beads which have swarovski crystals in them. Some of the flowers have individually placed swarovski crystals placed on them for that extra sparkle 🙂 and i have placed satin flowers […]

bridesmaid flower hair garland

Ive just made some new bridesmaid flower hair garlands to add to my collection. Im always trying out new ideas and had bought some paper flowers which are used in many ways and decided to incorporate them into flower hair garlands and headbands. I have done two types, one on elastic headbands and the other […]

inchie pendants

These are my handmade inchie pendant necklaces. They are my own designs/artwork. No stickers or pre designed images. All made with acrylic, gliteratti, bindi’s, beads and finished off with diamond glaze which is a specialist liquid product that dries to a hard glass like finish. They are strung on suede thong or some of them […]

fabric hair garlands at funkycrafts

            These are my fabric hair garlands made from mainly recycled wool, fibre, yarns, ribbon and embellished with paper flowers, beads, butterflies and anything interesting i have acquired. They are finished off with a touch of sparkle in the form of real swarovski crystals. They can be used as wedding […]