Tracy Wright

shibori heart pendants

Shibori heart pendants at funkycrafts will shortly be on sale in the mystic garden gallery in Glastonbury at £30.00 each. Each on is a unique bespoke one being the same. I can commission a pendant if there is something specific you would like and can make any combination of colours requested. you can order […]

fairy cuff bracelets at funkycrafts

hi, jus thaving to repost some of my recently handmade fairy cuff bracelets to keep my ratings up on google search. Its always nice to look at past creations 🙂 All handmade with lots of fairy love n magic 🙂

shibori pendants at funkycrafts

Hi there. Just a few more pictures of my newest shibori pendants at funkycrafts. I have been busy beading and being creative. I just love the colours that spring from using this beautiful shibori silk and all the lovely beads. The pictures show them modelled on myself and the gorgeous Emma. i think they look […]

shibori heart pendants at funkycrafts

I would just like to share with you my new shibori heart pendants at funkycrafts. They are made with shibori silk, which is a japanese silk that is hand dyed and pleated in different ways to create a beautiful conertina pattern. It is very soft and delicate which makes it ideal for moulding into beautiful […]

shibori pendants at funkycrafts

A lovely blue and pink shibori heart pendant at funkycrafts. Just love the textures and the colours and the little dragonfly too (hes very cute) embellished with beads, satin flowers, lucite flowers amongst other intesesting bits n pieces.

shibori pendant at funkycrafts

New to funkycrafts are these lovely handmade shibori pendants.They are all hand beaded and made using the lovely shibori silk which is also handmade (not by me) it has a gorgeous soft texture and creates beautiful shapes. It is an exquisite material hence it being very expensive for a small amount but i feel worth […]

fairy cuff bracelet at funkycrafts

This is just a close up of a few of the fabric fairy cuffs ive just made. I think i always forget to mention that they fasten with a variety club heart brooch which because of the style makes them adjustable…

flower hair accessory at funkycrafts

These are a new selection of my fabric flower hair accessories at funkycrafts. They are handmade. Can be clipped onto bags and scarves too but primarily are hair accessories. They have a crocodile clip on the back. At request i can add a brooch attachment for people who would prefer to wear them as a […]

fairy cuffs at funkycrafts

These are a new selection of fabric fairy cuffs at funkycrafts.I have been busy being creative to make sure i have plenty of stock for Glastonbury shop and the many festivals i attend starting in May.Hope you like them. Available to buy at Funkycrafts too, just message me if you see anything you like. They […]

fabric cuff bracelets at funkycrafts

, These are just a mixture of my most recent cuffs handmade by myself at funkycrafts. I was feeling rather springlike when making them and wanted to make as many as i could with this energy and the mixture of beautiful colour mixes i had in my mind. Hope you like them. Thank you for […]