Belly dancing cuffs

Fairy cuff bracelets

These belly dance bracelets are one off bespoke items handmade by myself in my craft studio. By handmade i mean they are my own designs that i make using a sewing machine and put together myself using different materials such as sari silk,chiffons, lace, fancy yarns, ribbon etc and i then embellish them with lots of lovely items, mulberry or satin flowers, beads, butterflies, anything interesting and i often finish off with some real swarovski crystals to add that extra sparkle . They are not lined as i wish to keep the raw handmade look about them, however i can line them for an extra £5.00. They are adjustable, in that they have a unique variety club brooch which can be moved up and down the cuff to make them larger or smaller. I will take comissions, so if you would like something different, a different colour perhaps or have a special request i am happy to oblige if i can. Cost:) just £20.00. Please state when ordering: ID of product and brief description of item colours. Thank you.