fabric cuff bracelet

purple fabric cuff

just a little up date as i have been very busy lately being creative 🙂 ad havent had time to post anything. This is just an example of a lovely purple fabric cuff bracelet i have been working on. I have been making bags which i have a few left All my stock presently has made its way to the lovely Linda Ravenscrofts shop “The Mystic Garden” in Glastonbury for christmas 🙂 so if your in the area do feel free to pop in and have a look. Her shop is a magical place. She is the most amazing inspiring fantasy artist you could meet and she is such a lovely lady. Her work not only adorns walls but mugs, place mats, lampshades, throws, bags,clothes, you name it she has her artwork on it and its all hand printed in her shop with the help of her lovely husband john. I havent really had much time to be managing the online shop so im afraid theres not much for sale in there but if you have any requests please feel free to contact me.