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He he. Been to the fabric shop todayIMG-20130821-01404[1]. A small selection of fabrics available. I had a lovely time searching for this fabric. Like i mentioned before its just like being a child in a sweet shop 🙂 So many different designs to choose from but these particularly caught my eye. They will soon be turned into some lovely fabric flowers, look out on here for them to appear ha. I also went to my local charity shop because the sphere necklaces i make are from scarves and charity shops are a perfect place to pick these up cheaply and i got lots of lovely patterns and colours today (almost too good to chop into bits :/) i may have to hang onto a few of them. I like the fact that when i do this i am helping the environment by turning something old into something new and recycling. I havent had much time lately to be creative and work on my stuff as i have a job already working as a doctors receptionist and so my creative work has to fit around this.  I will try and make some more of the sphere necklaces and post them on here tomorrow or Friday. I have just made a batch for one of the local shops which i forgot to take pictures of. I have bought lots of new beads too to see how these work in the sphere necklaces. Im just finishing off a few more flowers. I have to get as much done as i can as i have an upcoming festival where im hoping to spread more of the work that i do for people to wear and enjoy and bring happiness too. I will be making more cuffs for one of my local shops who stocks my flowers already but now wants to start selling my cuffs too so this is very good news.  Catch up with you all soon. Thank you for looking.



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