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Fabric flower vintage

fabric flower peach

The first time i had the courage to start trying to sell my fabric flowers was at a festival at Cranborne. It was small and spiritual with lots of friendly people. The heavens decided to open and i had nowhere under cover to begin selling my stuff until a very kind stallholder said i could use part of her stall to set up and sell my stuff. Whilst i was there a lady kept coming to my stall and buying more and more flowers and in the end i was so intrigued as to why i decided to ask her, she said that she has a vintage stall and these flowers were perfect for it so she wanted to sell them and use them on her dresses etc. This gave me the confidence boost i needed to move forward with my crafts and another avenue i hadnt already thought of. She said they were perfect and very vintage looking. I would love to continue down this theme but i have lots to sort out yet. At the moment im using quite bright, colourful fabrics for my flowers at festivals but i need to look into vintage colour schemes, im pretty sure they will be floral, pastel colours, lots of creams, roses, lemons, soft blues and reds amongst others. Im sure i will have a good time doing the research and will add some examples on my site soon. Vintage has made a huge comeback over the past 5 years. Ive seen shops sprouting up all over the place and lots of online shops opening up. It has a real nostalgic feel to vintage and i think its really cool. I also want to go down the line of the rockabilly scene as dancing has also made a huge comeback and modern ladies like flowers in their hair too 🙂 but this is another story.

Thank you for your time in reading this.


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