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fabric_cuff_bracelet_funkycrafts_beaminster_dorset.fabric_cuff_bracelet_funkycrafts_beaminster_dorset.IMG-20140202-02128[1]fabric_cuff_bracelet_funkycrafts_beaminster_dorset.fabric_cuff_bracelet_funkycrafts_beaminster_dorset. I would like to introduce you to some new fabric fairy cuff bracelets. I decided that perhaps not everyone would actually like the thicker cuffs and that it would be nice to have some thinner, straighter cuffs. Made in exactly the same way, all handmade and embellished, just much narrower. Im really pleased with the end results. They are the same price as there is just as much work goes into them (they are just narrower). Im still working on more designs and will add them as i go along. Im very busy at the moment creating lots of goodies for summer events. Hope you like them. Thank you for looking.



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