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Handmade fabric necklace on sari ribbon with
real swarovski crystal centres
Code: Funk 34 – Price £10.00


Purple n Lilac handmade fabric flower Hair accessory with aligator clip
Hair accessory Code: Funk 5


New! to funkycrafts. Recycled fabric brooch.

IMG-20140202-02129[1]fabric_cuff_bracelet_fairy_funkycrafts_beaminster_dorset.fabric_cuff_bracelet_funkycrafts_beaminster_dorset.IMG-20140118-01946[1]fabric_fairy_cuff_bracelet_funkycrafts_beaminster_dorset.fabric_cuff_bracelet_fairy_funkycrafts_beaminster_dorset.Welcome to my site Funkycrafts for fabulous fairy accessories. I specialise in fairy cuff bracelets, garlands for hair which can also be used as necklaces, fabric fairy brooches, fabric flowers and flower necklaces and belts. All are complete one off designs so very unique, no two will ever be the same, the only exception being if a client requires a pair of cuffs i will gladly make these (but only at the same time) I can make any colours you desire and matching sets upon request. You can buy any of my accessories online, on my website, just email me with your requests or you can buy them from The Mystic Garden in Glastonbury (Linda Ravenscrofts gallery) on the main street.

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