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Tiny Black Polka dot and Bright Pink handmade fabric
flower hair accessory Code: Funk 6

I would just like to take this opportunity to write  a blog on displaying fabric flowers and jewellery at festivals or craft fairs. This was something i hadn’t given too much thought to until a recent visit to a festival (elementary didgeridoo festival) at Baskerville Hall Hotel in Wales. I hadn’t realized the importance of how display can make a huge difference to attracting people to your stall until a dear friend of mine came over to help me out and had some inspirational ideas for display 🙂 and informed me people weren’t coming over because they couldn’t see what i had on offer. I had my items spread out of tables (flat) and sure enough when i went to take a look from the front of the stall realized that you couldn’t see anything. So my lovely friend Lara set to work on helping me to spruce it up a bit but because we didn’t have any props with us we had to be inventive. I had some lovely colorful boxes with flowers, butterflies and calligraphy that i had brought my goods in so we stood these up at the front of the stall with colour coded items ie: a green flower, garland and cuff. Lara then had an amazing idea of using a fallen branch from a tree and tying it to my stall and attaching the flowers, this is something i do at home so i don’t know why i didn’t think of this myself lol. We attached the flowers with their clips and some necklaces, garlands etc and it looked really effective. This can easily be adapted to having a branch in a vase, smaller ones or larger ones weighted down with something inside (glass nuggets or something similar). I just thought it would be something creative to share with any budding crafters. Hope it provides some inspiration and some thought as to just how important display actually is to your sales. We definately attracted more people after this effort and i must say a big thanks to my buddy Lara 🙂 for being so thoughtful and creative with me.

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