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Fairy hair garlands at Funkycrafts

Lots of new fairy hair garlands ive just made for yet another mind, body spirit event. This time in the beautiful Monastery in Manchester next weekend. Gutted i cant be there, its a beautiful venue and is massive, so if your in the area check it out.  Debbie Roe will be there with her angel art (Art to Inspire) she has kindly been helping to sell my stuff on her stall out of the kindness of her heart. She is a beautiful person, very kind and the angels are with her every step of the way (it shows in her art). My garlands are exclusive to Debbie Roe and Linda Ravenscroft (another amazing world class artist) who sells them in her shop in Glastonbury (The Mystic Garden). They are usually one of a kind too as i dont like to make the same one twice, though upon request i will. Thank you for looking at Funkycrafts.

fairy hair garland at Funkycraftsfairy hair garland at Funkycrafts





fairy hair garland at Funkycraftsfairy hair garlands at Funkycrafts

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