Floral headbands

fairy hair garland at funkycrafts

These lovely floral headbands care all handmade using a soft but strong elastic hair band and adding gorgeous mulberry roses, satin rosebuds, fabric flowers. I tie in either miracle beads, shambala beads or crystal ones, sometimes butterflies and other embellishments. They may need to be pinned in if worn as a regular headband but if worn on the forehead like a garland they stasy put on their own. Cost:) just £6.00 plus a £1.00 postage. Please state when ordering ID of product and brief description of item colours. Thank you.


bridesmaid flower hair garland headband at funkycrafts

This is the same floral headband on a hard headband as opposed to the soft. This has extra flowers and lots more detail on it and will be more expensive at £10.00

I almost forgot to mention, they look great as necklaces too :)

I almost forgot to mention, the elastic headbands look great as necklaces too 🙂