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Fabric Flower Necklace lovely yellow with real swarovski
centres on sari ribbon. Code Funk: 37 – Price £10.00


Gorgeous hot pink and orange fabric flower necklace
with real swarovski crystal centres on sari ribbon
Code: Funk 35 – Price £10.00

I am very shortly going to be turning these gorgeous flower necklaces into even more gorgeous flower headbands which are totally in fashion at the moment (so im told by the younger generation) and having done a little research on the internet have they indeed are 🙂 I will be adapting them slightly by adding two more flowers and stitching elastic onto the sari ribbon (which isnt seen cos its underneath the hair) and the elastic will be similar colours so as to blend in with the headband. These will be selling at £15.00 each, well worth it i feel for a handmade peace of wearable art. They are embellished with real swarovski crystals which really do sparkle beautifully when the light hits them. They look really special but sadly this cannot be seen in any of the photos. I may also attach flowers to satin headbands for those that prefer this option. Hope you like them. Feedback always appreciated. Thank you for looking.

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