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Free Fairy Hair Garland at Funkycrafts

fairy hair garlandFree fairy hair garland. As a gesture of good will and in the true nature of why i continue to make these beautiful garlands i am GIVING this one away (gifting) to the first person who visit www.funkycrafts.wordpress.com and sends me a message saying why they would like this garland 🙂 This is my second attempt at trying to give something away. There really really really is NO catch. I am genuinly giving this away because i want to and im guided to. I work with angels and guides and i just want to do something nice for someone in this troubled world we live in. The fairy realm seems to be where these fit in best it would appear. I have them in The Mystic Garden in Glastonbury where they are very much appreciated. So please please get in touch if you would like to have this garland gifted to you. They retail at £30.00, so well worth the effort of a message to me via my page.

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