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Hair garlands


I would just like to talk a little about the hair garlands that i make.  These actually started out as necklaces but when i took them to festivals, festival goers decided they looked good in their hair haha, so they ended up as hair garlands too and i must say they are perfect for both hair and around ones neck.  They are pretty special and very unique. They are made to measure so i need a circumference measurement of ones head in order to make them.  I will do a tuturiol for those that are interested in learning how to make them in the future. I would like to expand the theme into weddings as i think they would make beautiful hair garlands for both brides and her bridesmaids. I also want to go into accessorising, for those who are  budgeting their weddings. I had a friend of mine getting married and she brought me a simple dress she had bought for one of her little bridesmaids but needed it to tie in with the colours of her wedding. She knew i made fabric flowers so she asked me if i could do anything with it.  As it happens i had a good idea and decided to add some smaller flowers to the  band of the dress in burgundy (the colours of her wedding theme) Ems Bridesmaid 2in threes and it looked gorgeous as you can see from the photo. So what i would love to do is to be able to provide fabric flowers that clients can add to and customise their own bridesmaids dresses and maybe have matching hair garlands too. The photos dont really do the garlands justice as when the light hits the swarovski crystals they sparkle intensely. I once made some special angel garlands for  3 and 7 year old girls on request of a client, they looked amazing and i put an angel pendant with crystal at the front so it dangled in the centre of their foreheads and sparkled in the lights. Unfortunately i havent got the pictures of these. Anyone interested in any of the above mentioned ideas please feel free to email and leave me a comment. More pictures to come 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Namaste.

Ems bridesmaid

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