Lara Conley musician friend

Lovely Lara adorning a funkycrafttracy flower in her hair

This is the beautiful Lara Conley (musician friend) wearing a Funkycraft handmade flower at one of her shows. She can often be seen wearing funkycraft accessories, particularly flowers, cuffs and bags. She is an amazing talented singer, songwriter, musician. My flowers are all handmade using funky fabrics. It takes twelve hand cut circles to make one flower. They are ironed into halves, then quarters, then the petals are hand stitched together to form the basic flower shape. The two flower bases are then glue gunned together and finished with a nice centre (in this case a black satin flower with a real swarovski crystal) The back is a crocodile clip which can be used in hair or clipped onto bags and scarves Please state when ordering: ID of flower and brief description of item colours. Thank you.