ruckbags at funkycrafts

ruckbags at funkycraftsruckbags at funkycraftsruckbagsat funkycraftsruckbagsat funkycraftsruckbags at funkycraftsruckbags at funkycrafts NEW to funkycrafts are these gorgeous handmade ruckbags. They are tiny bags, regular tote size bags with the added advantage of being able to carry them on your back as a rucksack style bag, enabling you to be hands free when you want to, perfect for all those festivals where you dont want a clumbersome bag but need somewhere to put those small essentials. They have a small handle to carry as a bag if needs be. They are lined in a silky soft material with a drawstring at the side. For sale in my shop very shortly at £30.00. Very unique and handmade by myself at funkycrafts. Hope you like the design. Thanks for looking.