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My second attempt at a steampunk cuff bracelet. Sorry about the poor quality photo. They have fabric flowers, enlaid with swarovski crystals which adds an extra sparkle to them.

This is my second attempt at a steampunk cuff. It was a little harder than i anticipated in that the metals do not appear to like sticking to the fabric/materials i use in my cuff designs :/ ive sorted this little dilemma out now though and decided i can use plastic coated products that look like metal and these are fine 🙂 Ive added my own twist by adding satin flowers and sparkle in the form of swarovski crystals. From the research i have done this is more than acceptable. Im only sorry the picture does not really do them justice but thought ide keep you all updated. £20.00 if anyones interested. Please contact me if you have specific colours in mind as they are all unique, one off designs.

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