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fairy cuffs at funkycrafts

These are a new selection of fabric fairy cuffs at funkycrafts.I have been busy being creative to make sure i have plenty of stock for Glastonbury shop and the many festivals i attend starting in May.Hope you like them. Available to buy at Funkycrafts too, just message me if you see anything you like. They […]

fabric cuff bracelet

just a little up date as i have been very busy lately being creative 🙂 ad havent had time to post anything. This is just an example of a lovely purple fabric cuff bracelet i have been working on. I have been making bags which i have a few left All my stock presently has […]

fabric fairy cuff bracelets at funkycrafts

                Another batch of handmade fabric fairy cuff bracelets available soon from Linda Ravenscrofts shop in Glastonbury, The Mystic Garden on Glastonbury high street. These are all handmade and bespoke one off items. I rarely make two the same unless requested to do so as special commission.   […]


I would like to introduce you to some new fabric fairy cuff bracelets. I decided that perhaps not everyone would actually like the thicker cuffs and that it would be nice to have some thinner, straighter cuffs. Made in exactly the same way, all handmade and embellished, just much narrower. Im really pleased with the […]


New batch of fairy cuff bracelets ready for The Mystic Garden (shop) in Glastonbury 🙂