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fairy cuff bracelet at funkycrafts

This is just a close up of a few of the fabric fairy cuffs ive just made. I think i always forget to mention that they fasten with a variety club heart brooch which because of the style makes them adjustable…

fabric cuff bracelets at funkycrafts

, These are just a mixture of my most recent cuffs handmade by myself at funkycrafts. I was feeling rather springlike when making them and wanted to make as many as i could with this energy and the mixture of beautiful colour mixes i had in my mind. Hope you like them. Thank you for […]

handmade fabric fairy elvin cuffs at funkycrafts

fabric fairy cuffs at funkycrafts

These are my newest batch of cuffs, all one off unique designs. Also for sale at Linda Ravenscrofts shop the mystic garden in glastonbury..

New pair of cuffs, slightly plainer in design, quite manly i think. In fact my son said he would wear them over a nice shirt and model them for me 🙂 i think he is right and they would look pretty cool. Watch this space hehe 🙂

arm cuff at funkycrafts

Another arm cuff at funkycrafts worn by the lovely lisa. They look so good 🙂 thank you lisa.

fairy cuff bracelets at funkycrafts

a selection of cuffs soon for sale in funkycrafts shop

fairy cuff bracelets at funkycrafts

This is a new batch of fairy cuff bracelets for sale at funkycrafts. I am in the process of having a new website created (not live yet) but these are all for sale. if anyone is interested in any one of them please message me. They are £20.00 plus pandp. The ones made using the […]