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fabric flower hair accessory at funkycrafts

just a few more pictures of my latest batch of fabric flower hair accessories at funkycrafts. ide forgotten how cool these were to make. all handmade by cutting out twelve circles, ironing and hand stitching, certainly a labour of love as is the case with all my work..soon available to buy on my new website […]


Hi there, Just a quick reminder that i do make little flowers so that you can accessorize your own bridesmaids dresses. This little girl just had a plain dress which was made to look very special with added flowers which are just attached using a glue gun or you could use fabric glue. Its really […]


I would just like to take this opportunity to write  a blog on displaying fabric flowers and jewellery at festivals or craft fairs. This was something i hadn’t given too much thought to until a recent visit to a festival (elementary didgeridoo festival) at Baskerville Hall Hotel in Wales. I hadn’t realized the importance of […]

Fabric flower vintage

The first time i had the courage to start trying to sell my fabric flowers was at a festival at Cranborne. It was small and spiritual with lots of friendly people. The heavens decided to open and i had nowhere under cover to begin selling my stuff until a very kind stallholder said i could […]


Ohhhh how i love fabric flowers an inspiration taken from nature that is everlasting 🙂 and so many colours and themes to choose from. I will be adding lots more photos and flowers to funkycrafts for sale soon. I have a huge range thats just waiting to be added. I had a lot of stock […]

Hair Flower

Welcome to my world of hair flowers 🙂 I have been making these fabric flowers for about 5 years now. They are always extremely popular at festivals and in local shops and craft fairs. I love to work with colours and can be very creative when im making these beautiful fabric flowers. They can be […]


Hi there, I am thinking of doing a tutorial for one of the above creative crafts i have on my funkycrafts site, either a fabric flower,diamond glaze pendant or cuff.  I would like to enlist your help though as to what you would MOST like a tutorial on……so, could you kindly leave me messages and […]


He he. Been to the fabric shop today. A small selection of fabrics available. I had a lovely time searching for this fabric. Like i mentioned before its just like being a child in a sweet shop 🙂 So many different designs to choose from but these particularly caught my eye. They will soon be […]