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hippie bags at funkycrafts

another example of bags available at funkycrafts

fairy hippie bags at funkycrafts

another example of bespoke handmade hippie bags for sale at funkycrafts.

Hippie bags at Funkycrafts

Hi, just a small update on the work i have been creating over the past few months. These are a selection of my hippie bags for sale at £30.00 each. All bespoke and unique handmade designs.

fairy bags for glastonbury

new hippie fairy bags handmade at funkycrafts for the mystic garden in glastonbury. Lovely bright cheerful summery colours. Will be making more for sale on my website shortly but if you would like to see them in person please visit linda ravenscrofts shop on the main high street in glastonbury 🙂

Hippy Bag Sample

Another sample of one of the bespoke hippy bags im making at the moment. Cool for the festival season. Made the same way as my fairy cuff bracelets, they have an adjustable strap so it can be worn around the waist to leave your handsfree for all that festival dancing 🙂 can be made to […]

hippy bags at funkycrafts beaminster

This is another one of the recent hippy bags ive been making, currently available to buy in the lovely linda ravenscrofts shop on glastonbury high street. All handmade using fabric, sari borders and embellishments. All are bespoke one off pieces and can be worn arpunfd the waist so you are handsfree for all those festival […]

hippie bags at funkycrafts

Handmade hippie bags at funkycrafts. A bag i made recently to add to my stock. Made using silk and vintage sari borders. such gorgeous colours are possible in these bags using this textile. just love i, ive bought some more sari borders so your going to see a few more of these, If they dont […]

Hippy Bags handmade at funkycrafts

Welcome to my latest batch of lovingly created hippy bags. They are made using scraps of left over fabric and textiles and indian sari material. They are all handmade. They are finished with the unique to me variety club heart badge or matching brooch and a colourful elastic band….They also have an adjustable strap which […]

fairy bags handmade at funkycrafts

New Orange and turquoise fairy bag handmade at funkycrafts. This is a beautiful bespoke one off design. Made using scraps of fabric and different fibres, yarns and lace and a special piece of vintage sari border adorns the front flap. This is beaded and really quite beautiful. It is finished off with a neotrims indian […]

fairy bags at funkycrafts

A few of my own personal favourite items I’ve made and displayed. Garlands, cuffs, bags, brooches at funkycrafts. I plan to start selling on my  online shop very soon. Look out for goodies turning up in my shop. This year I’m trying to encourage people to buy from and support crafts people instead of large […]