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fairy hair garlands at funkycrafts

more hair garlands handmade at funkycrafts. Bright and cheerful accessories which can be wore as a hair garland or a necklace 🙂

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laurens fairy hair garland at funkycrafts

        Hey Lauren. This is your hair garland i made. Not sure why it turned out more turquoise than purple but theres lots of purple in it too 🙂 Hope you like it.

Fairy hair garlands by funkycrafts

            Hi there, its been a long time since ive had the time to post any of my newer fairy hair garlands on here. Really sorry but ive been so very busy. I have been doing lots of new creative stuff but not had time to post anything on here […]

fairy hair garlands at funkycrafts

        The time is soon upon us for the Glastonbury Goddess Festival and so thought i would make some fairy come goddess hair garlands for the occassion. Every year these beautiful goddesses have a colour theme and this year it is purple, dark blue, silver and black. They will be available to […]

fabric hair garlands at funkycrafts

            These are my fabric hair garlands made from mainly recycled wool, fibre, yarns, ribbon and embellished with paper flowers, beads, butterflies and anything interesting i have acquired. They are finished off with a touch of sparkle in the form of real swarovski crystals. They can be used as wedding […]

fairy hair garlands at Funkycrafts

Just a quick update. Debbie Roe (Art to Inspire on facebook) is about to be doing another BSSK mind, body, spirit event in London this weekend showing her wonderful spiritual art and displaying some of my handmade fairy hair garlands, cuffs, inchie necklaces and hair flowers. Im sure it will be a wonderful event. The […]

Fairy hair garlands at funkycrafts

Just a few samples of my handmade bespoke fairy, bridesmaid, wedding hair garlands at Funkycrafts.             These are one off unique designs made from loving energy within. I am guided to make these beautiful creations. My inspiration comes from nature and as you can see in these pictures inspiration has […]

fairy hair garlands at Funkycrafts

Below are a few examples of my recent fairy garlands on two beautiful models 🙂 There is also a picture of one of the garlands showing it worn as a necklace which makes them unique. They will be on sale tomorrow at the BSSK mind, body, spirit event in the Monastery at Gorton, Manchester, on […]

Fairy hair garlands at Funkycrafts

          Isnt she gorgeous. This is my friends gorgeous little girl who modelled my fairy hair garlands. I think she makes them look absolutely amazing and shes done a marvellous job of making them look so special. Previously i had only really had them modelled on a dummy, hasten to say […]