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fairy hair garlands at funkycrafts

more hair garlands handmade at funkycrafts. Bright and cheerful accessories which can be wore as a hair garland or a necklace 🙂


  I would just like to introduce clients to my NEW website www.funkycrafts.uk. please feel free to browse it for some delightful wearable art goodies. Im always updating and adding to my site as i make new items all the time. I love the work i do and i hope it inspires other people to […]

Hair Garlands

fairy hair garlands at funkycrafts

just a small update to let followers know ive been busy make more fairy hair garlands at funkycrafts, also more of my lovely fabric flowers and more cuffs which will be displayed on my new website www.funkycrafts.uk which will be up and running very soon. will keep you posted.

fairy hair garland at funkycrafts


linda ravenscroft at funkycrafts

I would just like to dedicate this page to linda for helping me this past few years and for her encouragement and support. she has given me the help, guidance and belief in myself to have faith in my beautiful wearable art creations. so thank you linda 🙂 love, light and hugs. x

fairy hair garlands at Funkycrafts

Below are a few examples of my recent fairy garlands on two beautiful models 🙂 There is also a picture of one of the garlands showing it worn as a necklace which makes them unique. They will be on sale tomorrow at the BSSK mind, body, spirit event in the Monastery at Gorton, Manchester, on […]

Fairy hair garlands at Funkycrafts

Lots of new fairy hair garlands ive just made for yet another mind, body spirit event. This time in the beautiful Monastery in Manchester next weekend. Gutted i cant be there, its a beautiful venue and is massive, so if your in the area check it out.  Debbie Roe will be there with her angel […]

fairy hair garlands at Funkycrafts

Below is a sneak preview of some of the fairy hair garlands that will be available for sale at the BSSK Mind, Body, Spirit event at the Monastery in Gorton, Manchester on 5th 6th April. Heres the link http://www.themonastery.co.uk/Whats-on.html (i hope) please take the time to go if your in the area. It is an […]

Bridesmaids hair garlands at Funkycrafts

Beautiful handmade bridesmaids hair garlands by Tracy at Funkycrafts. I specialize in bridesmaid and fairy hair garlands. They are unique one off designs so by choosing these you have the satisfaction of knowing they are a bespoke set of garlands for your special day and no one else will have the same design. I will […]