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inchie pendant at funkycrafts

pretty handmade inchie pendant at funkycrafts. perfect as a christmas gift, stocking filler. All handmade, bespoke one off designs, a mini work of art, no stickers as is the case with a lot of other inchie pendants. Just £5.00 plus p&p.

inchie pendant handmade at funkycrafts

lovely handmade inchie pendants at funkycrafts. Make an ideal christmas gift at just 5.00 plus p&p. Each pendant an individual work of art in miniature. All handmade, no stickers involved as is the case with lots of other inchie pendants.

handmade inchie pendant at funkycrafts.

Inchie pendants


inchie pendants at funkycrafts

Soon to be added to my online shop, newly made inchie pendants exclusive to funkycrafts. All are bespoke handmade miniature pieces of art (no stickers involved as with some inchie pendants) each one a vibrant, lovingly created design in miniature, as the name suggests 1 inch x  1 inch in size and mounted on suede […]

inchie pendants at funkycrafts

New inchie pendants at funkycrafts.Made using acrylics, batik paper, stickles glitter and Pearlised paint. For anyone not having come across the world of inchies, they are as the name suggests one inch squared and people make them in a variety of media including paper, textile, sewing, embroidery, decoupage. They are miniature works of art and people […]

inchie pendants at funkycrafts

Just a reminder of inchie pendants that I still make. All are handmade, one off designs, using acrylics, pens and stickles (glitter and pearlescent) finished in diamond glaze and sari ribbon or thong for around the neck. Very pretty.  Just 5.00 each and new to my online shop, soon to be announced is every item […]

inchie pendants

These are my handmade inchie pendant necklaces. They are my own designs/artwork. No stickers or pre designed images. All made with acrylic, gliteratti, bindi’s, beads and finished off with diamond glaze which is a specialist liquid product that dries to a hard glass like finish. They are strung on suede thong or some of them […]