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shibori pendants at funkycrafts

A lovely blue and pink shibori heart pendant at funkycrafts. Just love the textures and the colours and the little dragonfly too (hes very cute) embellished with beads, satin flowers, lucite flowers amongst other intesesting bits n pieces.

shibori pendant at funkycrafts

New to funkycrafts are these lovely handmade shibori pendants.They are all hand beaded and made using the lovely shibori silk which is also handmade (not by me) it has a gorgeous soft texture and creates beautiful shapes. It is an exquisite material hence it being very expensive for a small amount but i feel worth […]

shibori silk cuff bracelet at funkycrafts

Shibori silk is a japanese dyeing technique that involves dyeing, stitching, folding, twisting and compression of silk fabrics  This technique is applied to 4” bias cut 100% silk satin ribbon, which is carefully pole wrapped, dyed and over-dyed multiple times to create stunning, vibrant colour variations between the pleats and throughout the ribbon resulting in a […]