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Just a few more pictures of the recent steampunk fabric cuff bracelets that i made. I will be making some more soon to add to my collection.

Im still practising the art of making steampunk fabric cuff bracelets. Im finding it very interesting working with materials ive never used before. I m having to adapt my usual fairy cuff bracelets to fit into this completely different theme and im finding certain metal components dont want to stick to the materials im using […]


This is my second attempt at a steampunk cuff. It was a little harder than i anticipated in that the metals do not appear to like sticking to the fabric/materials i use in my cuff designs :/ ive sorted this little dilemma out now though and decided i can use plastic coated products that look […]


This is the first phase/prototype of my steampunk cuff bracelet. I need to add some cogs and futuristic metal bits and i think its all good 🙂 Im pretty sure i got the colours right too, although i have to say there doesnt appear to be much of a colour scheme (quite dreary colours) unless […]